Welcome to The Art for Health Institute

Art is essential…

                                   …for human beings. Starting with the cave paintings and dances around the fire, we have been using art not only to express our emotions and tell our stories, but also to make sense of the world. Art helps us to stay healthy.

Nowadays there is not much room for creativity in our lives anymore. We refer to it as a hobby, not a necessity. However, you may play guitar to get something out of your system, you may feel the need to write down some of what happened, you may like the idea of expressing your feelings through colours.

The Art for Health Institute in Palma de Mallorca helps you to work with and through art in many ways: Art Education in the form of classes and courses as well as Creative Therapy in individual or group sessions. The classes, courses and therapies are guided by highly skilled Art Teachers and Creative Therapists.

We invite you into these class rooms, therapy rooms and studios, where you can be creative, whether it is to express yourself, to learn new techniques, to work through emotional problems or simply… to enjoy. The Art for Health Institute takes pride in providing a direct connection between the individual person and their artistic interest; writing, dancing, painting, acting and lots of other creative media are within your reach.

Have a look around and see if there is anything to your liking. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please tell us and we will try to arrange it for you.


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